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PP5 Plant Pot and Label Recycling

Largely, in Australia, plant pots and labels are made from PP5 plastic – a plastic that can be recycled over and over again. However, currently only 8% of this plastic found in plant pots gets recycled*. This is where we come in. We want to collect and recycle your PP5 plastic plant pots and labels and give them another plant pot life.

All we need from you, is to find your nearest PP5 collection point and bring us your plant pots and labels. PP5 collection points can be found at around 30 locations Australia wide at participating suppliers and retailers.

Once your PP5 plastic waste is collected and recycled, industry leaders Norwood printers and Garden City Plastics (GCP) create new products out of the recycled materials. And just like that, your old plant pot is a new plant pot.

How to recycle:

• Check: It’s clearly PP5

• Tap: Knock out excess media

• Stack: Pots together, to fit as much as possible in the cage, labels can remain attached to pots

PP5 Pot & Label Recycling - Video

PS6 Plug Tray Recycling

PS6 Recycling Initiative - GCP and Polymer Processors can also recycle used Plug Trays (PS6) with the same simple Check, Tap & Stack message. See the link here to the video here and please feel free to call your local GCP for any more information.

How to recycle:

• Check: It’s clearly PS6

• Tap: Knock out excess media

• Stack: On pallets

Watch the video below to see how best to stack the trays for collection. No red cages, just stack on pallets at your business and GCP will collect.

Any questions, please chat to your local GCP Sales Manager.

Check out our new PS6 Plug Tray Recycling video, the latest exciting development in our recycling program!

PS6 Plug Tray Recycling - Video